(PHP 5, PHP 7)


Exception is the base class for all Exceptions in PHP 5, and the base class for all user exceptions in PHP 7.

Before PHP 7, Exception did not implement the Throwable interface.

Class synopsis

Exception implements Throwable {
/* Properties */
protected string $message ;
protected int $code ;
protected string $file ;
protected int $line ;
/* Methods */
public __construct ([ string $message = "" [, int $code = 0 [, Throwable $previous = NULL ]]] )
final public getMessage ( void ) : string
final public getPrevious ( void ) : Throwable
final public getCode ( void ) : mixed
final public getFile ( void ) : string
final public getLine ( void ) : int
final public getTrace ( void ) : array
final public getTraceAsString ( void ) : string
public __toString ( void ) : string
final private __clone ( void ) : void



The exception message


The exception code


The filename where the exception was created


The line where the exception was created

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altieresdelsent at gmail dot com
8 years ago
when you are using xdebug, exceptions message will never be shown if you use any encoding different than UTF-8, so if you are using any database with translated messages like oracle, you should ALWAYS, always, throw a exception like this

throw new Exception(utf8_encode($message),$code), character like ã,é,ç, will make the exception message fail to be shown, if you are not using xdebug ( I do think you should at least try), this code will not affect your page.
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