The ReflectionClass class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The ReflectionClass class reports information about a class.

Class synopsis

class ReflectionClass implements Reflector {
/* Constants */
const int IS_IMPLICIT_ABSTRACT = 16;
const int IS_EXPLICIT_ABSTRACT = 32;
const int IS_FINAL = 64;
/* Properties */
public string $name;
/* Methods */
public __construct(object|string $objectOrClass)
public static export(mixed $argument, bool $return = false): string
public getAttributes(?string $name = null, int $flags = 0): array
public getConstant(string $name): mixed
public getConstants(?int $filter = null): array
public getDefaultProperties(): array
public getDocComment(): string|false
public getEndLine(): int|false
public getExtensionName(): string|false
public getFileName(): string|false
public getInterfaceNames(): array
public getInterfaces(): array
public getMethod(string $name): ReflectionMethod
public getMethods(?int $filter = null): array
public getModifiers(): int
public getName(): string
public getNamespaceName(): string
public getProperties(?int $filter = null): array
public getProperty(string $name): ReflectionProperty
public getReflectionConstants(?int $filter = null): array
public getShortName(): string
public getStartLine(): int|false
public getStaticProperties(): ?array
public getStaticPropertyValue(string $name, mixed &$def_value = ?): mixed
public getTraitAliases(): array
public getTraitNames(): array
public getTraits(): array
public hasConstant(string $name): bool
public hasMethod(string $name): bool
public hasProperty(string $name): bool
public implementsInterface(ReflectionClass|string $interface): bool
public inNamespace(): bool
public isAbstract(): bool
public isAnonymous(): bool
public isCloneable(): bool
public isFinal(): bool
public isInstance(object $object): bool
public isInstantiable(): bool
public isInterface(): bool
public isInternal(): bool
public isIterable(): bool
public isSubclassOf(ReflectionClass|string $class): bool
public isTrait(): bool
public isUserDefined(): bool
public newInstance(mixed ...$args): object
public newInstanceArgs(array $args = []): object
public setStaticPropertyValue(string $name, mixed $value): void
public __toString(): string



Name of the class. Read-only, throws ReflectionException in attempt to write.

Predefined Constants

ReflectionClass Modifiers


Indicates class that is abstract because it has some abstract methods.


Indicates class that is abstract because of its definition.


Indicates final class.

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