The SoapFault class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


Represents a SOAP fault.

Class synopsis

class SoapFault extends Exception {
/* Inherited properties */
protected string $message;
protected int $code;
protected string $file;
protected int $line;
/* Methods */
public __construct(
    array|string|null $code,
    string $string,
    ?string $actor = null,
    mixed $details = null,
    ?string $name = null,
    mixed $headerFault = null
public __toString(): string
/* Inherited methods */
final public Exception::getMessage(): string
final public Exception::getCode(): int
final public Exception::getFile(): string
final public Exception::getLine(): int
final public Exception::getTrace(): array
final public Exception::getTraceAsString(): string
public Exception::__toString(): string
final private Exception::__clone(): void

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