The SoapServer class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)


The SoapServer class provides a server for the » SOAP 1.1 and » SOAP 1.2 protocols. It can be used with or without a WSDL service description.

Class synopsis

class SoapServer {
/* Methods */
public __construct(?string $wsdl, array $options = [])
public addFunction(array|string|int $functions): void
public addSoapHeader(SoapHeader $header): void
public fault(
    string $code,
    string $string,
    string $actor = "",
    mixed $details = null,
    string $name = ""
): void
public getFunctions(): array
public handle(?string $request = null): void
public setClass(string $class, mixed ...$args): void
public setObject(object $object): void
public setPersistence(int $mode): void

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